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Depression Success Story: Eckhart Tolle’s No-Mind Meditation Is Great. But So Is Thinking Sometimes

Contributor: Mollie Player. Mollie shares spiritual practice and depression success stories at mollieplayer.com. The first time I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I thought it was total crap. Okay, maybe “total crap” is an exaggeration. But definitely impossible, impractical and, worst of all, unpleasant. Not thinking about the future? Just paying attention to the Now? […]

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Miriam Slozberg

Overcoming Depression is Doable

People have a general idea of what depression means. There are many who even see this as part of their everyday lives. Depression is a mental disorder that affects someone’s total conduct. This is manifested through his or her actions and the changes in the way he or she is on a daily basis. This […]

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