The Art of Lighting

When lighting is done really well, you may not even notice it!  That’s because the lighting is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.  In this month’s blog, we will discuss some tips and ideas to perfect the lighting in your home, office or any other space.

There are countless options to consider when putting together a lighting plan.  We here at Aero-Tech will ask the proper questions to ensure that the area you need to light gets the best treatment.  Are you planning to light a foyer, a kitchen, a bedroom?  Are you  looking for natural lighting, accent lighting, task lighting?  How many light sources are you comfortable with having in the room?  Overhead lighting, track lighting, table lamps?

Beyond that, the color of your room will make a difference in the wattage chosen.  For example, if you have earth tones, a lot of people like incandescent lighting because it gives off more of a warm glow.  If you have a pastel room you might want to go with more of a full spectrum lighting because it will pull out the blue tones.

Let us here at Aero-Tech Light Bulb Company, talk with you about your project and help to light your space.  We know that every room has a different purpose and we are ready to work with you to find the best lighting you can ask for

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