Deanna Wharwood The Veterans Coach

Today on We Plus You, Straight talk about Conscious Business Collaborations, Carly Alyssa Thorne explores a further view of helping Veterans transition from military to non-military life with her guest Deanna Wharwood who has dedicated her life to helping many do just that.



A Note from Deanna
My name is Deanna Wharwood. I am known as the Veterans Coach because I consult, mentor, train and coach active duty, veterans and military spouses who choose to transition from military life to their dream life either by getting a great job they love or starting their own small business. Unlike other coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers, I am a veteran who successfully transitioned from military life to a great job I loved and on to entrepreneurship. I lived within the military community for many years, first as a dependent daughter, then on active duty for over ten years and finally as a dependent wife.

As a dependent, I coached and mentored ”military brats” and military spouses showing them how to adjust successfully to military life. I showed them how to access special programs, find funds and helped them to address special needs.
On active duty, I led my team, found resources, trained personnel, streamlined operations, managed budgets and made decisions with far reaching consequences. I did my duty, I took care of my own and committed myself to the mission.

Then, I chose to “get out.” But I was still a military spouse. It wasn’t until 1998 that I really realized that I had never really been a civilian, I knew nothing of civilian life! And, that not only was I going through the transition but so was my family. I went from job to job, always getting itchy feet at the two to three year mark. While, I ended up making great money working in Real Estate Leasing, there was still something was missing. It was the sense of service.

Finally, I found what I thought was the best job ever especially for an old, multilingual Corpsman, I became the Manager of the Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Houses at the National Naval Medical Center. When the war started, I realized that there was more to do to help military families transition and live their dream lives. They had worked so hard and sacrificed so much, they had more than earned it! I LOVED my job and loved being of service; however, there was still a ceiling on how much money I could make and still a lot of time away from my family.

While I have several degrees in business, I competed for and was awarded a seat in the Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore Program and started my own cultural competency training business. For a couple of years, under the umbrella of that business, I helped military families transition and start their businesses. Finally, I sold the training business and began doing what I do now, full-time. I’ve had a BLAST doing it. In many ways, running your own business is like taking the best of your military experiences and putting them to good use.

Deanna Wharwood The Veterans Coach

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Deanna Wharwood The Veterans Coach

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