How To Setup an Apple TV For Use in the Classroom

Let me just start by saying that I love my iPad. At work, I use it as teleprompter in the studio, I use it to access Google Drive, and I use it to take notes. At home, my iPad is where I do all of my reading (books and news), play games, and watch movies and TV.

The one thing I have in common at both work and home, besides using my iPad, is an Apple TV.

An Apple TV ( is a $99 device that is connected to a television or any supported projector. One feature of the Apple TV is that you can show what’s on your iPad on your TV.

Apple makes setting up all their devices relatively easy, but I’ll show you how to set up an Apple TV and iPad.

A few of the benefits of using an Apple TV in the classroom are:

● displaying a presentation using Google Drive or Keynote

● playing videos from YouTube

using the iPad as a document camera.

and there are many, many more.

Are you using an iPad or Apple TV setup in your classroom or something similar? Share in the comments; I’d love to hear your pros and cons.

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