They’re coming in the side door- the power of having targeted content on your website

A couple of weeks ago we received a meeting request from a large manufacturing company. The company’s representative found us while doing a Google search on social media for the manufacturing industry and read this article on our website. Before her search, we were not on her radar. We don’t pay Google for ads and we don’t have the company on a mailing or email list. We now have an appointment with the CEO and are definitely looking forward to the opportunity to present a proposal.

The above is just one example of how prospective clients have contacted us because they found an article on our site that matched their internet search. In fact, a good portion of visitors who come to our website do not come through the “front door” – in other words, most don’t get here by typing in When we look at our Google Analytics, we see that most visitors are landing on either our articles or one of our website’s interior pages. That means that they are searching for something we address on our website, not our company name.

If we had minimal content on our website, we would not receive even a fraction of the visitors that we do every month. There is simply too much competition out there and we are a small firm with a relatively small marketing budget, so we cannot spend huge dollars with Google to capture search traffic for “social media marketing” or even “social media Chicago”. But we can keep adding articles to our site that speak to what our target market wants to know. And the articles stay on our website as long as we want; they don’t go away once we stop paying Google, such as what happens when your daily ad budget is spent.

When you’re a small business, it can be tough to find the time to write and post good articles. We know this- we do a much better job with this for our clients than we do for ourselves. But, the return on the couple of hours it takes to research, write, refine and post an article on your website can be huge.

If you would like to have more people find your business “through the side door”, consider adding a blog (preferably a WordPress one, but we’re biased) to your website and giving your prospects a bit of the information you know they want. We can help with both adding a blog to your site as well as supplying you with writing resources!

Note: We didn’t coin the phrase “coming in the side door.” Adrienne LaFrance from Nieman Journalism Lab did.

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